A district of Athens, which extends to the south of Ermou str, from the area of the Cathedral Square to Thission Square and is adjoining districts of Psiri, Plaka and Thission. The name comes from the Virgin Mary’s old church, located on the square, and was formerly a dependency monastery namely, the Monastery Karea on Hymettus.



“Monastiraki means "small monastery".


In Monastiraki Square stands the old Tzistarakis Mosque, which now houses the Annex Folk Art Museum.


In the square is located a former Catholic church. During the Franks domination the monastery was owned by Nicholas Bonefatsi. During the period of Turkish rule referred to, as a dependency of the monastery Karea on Hymettus. In later years became a parish church, which is dedicated to the Assumption of Virgin Mary.


The mosque was built by Turkish voivode Tzistarakis in 1759 with materials reclaimed from old buildings.

After the Revolution of 1821, the building had several uses for over a century, and in 1924 turned into a folk museum.


Close to Monastiraki Square, is a Abyssinia  square,  where is located the flea market, formerly known for its antique shops. Today the scrap dealers are still there but most most stores sell new products, for the most part with souvenirs and clothes. In this area you will find the most trendy and fashion shops for young people.


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