The Cosmopolitan Island

Rhodes is the largest island of the Dodecanese and offers the visitor a trip in the past, fun until the morning in the cosmopolitan resorts and beautiful isolated beaches.



“Rhodes is an island of strong contrasts. Perfectly combining the medieval with the traditional element, emerald beaches with pine covered mountains, mountain villages with coastal villages, archaeological sites, medieval monuments and cosmopolitan tourist resorts with traditional lodgings forming an unbeatable destination.”

The town

The medieval city, -the capital of the island- and it is built semicircular around the central port. Founded in 408 BC and consists of the fortified medieval (old) city and the new city with the old, neoclassical and modern buildings.

What makes the first impression; is the castle and the fascinating old town of Rhodes.



The rich history is pervasive in every corner of the island since every conqueror who passed left an intense position.

Rhodes, flourished particularly in the 4th century. BC, when it was erected the famous Colossus. This was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It was a huge statue in dimensions which reflect the sun god Helios. It had about the same size as the Statue of Liberty in New York. The face of the statue is said to appear from the entrance of the port of Rhodes.

After the devastating earthquake of 155 AD Persians, Arabs, Saracens and Seljuk settled on the island. Finally, in 1309,  the Knights of St. John arrived on the island. They renovated the castle with a unique fortification throughout Europe. It was their headquarters until 1522, which was conquered by the Turks. In 1912 went to the Italians and in 1948 was incorporated with the rest of the Dodecanese in Greek territory.


Weather in Rhodes

The climate of Rhodes, is the same as of all the Mediterranean islands. Mild winters with enough moisture and rain, usually lasts from mid November to late February. During March and April the spring adorns the island with the most beautiful colors and the temperature rises to high levels for the season. In the night hours the humidity drops the temperature a lot. From May to October the climate of Rhodes is hot with temperatures often exceed by 5-10 degrees in the average temperature of the rest of Greece. In August and September the island is “visited” by the strong summer winds. Fairly strong winds cool the atmosphere and agitate the crystal sea waters, which specially enjoyed by the windsurf lovers.


Time Zone

Rhodes and generally all Greece is in the Eastern European Time Zone (Greenwich Mean Time plus two hours during daylight saving time, all over the year).



You have chosen to visit on of the historical Greek Islands, the island of the Knights and the  Sun. There are marvellous hotels, luxurious apartments or villas to choose from across the island. Many tour operators send organized groups in Rhodes, and you can easily find a great 4 or 5 star hotel for your accommodation with “all inclusive”  packs for a week or more. On the other hand we recommend you to travel by yourself, as the beauty of Rhodes is the hidden mountain or coastal villages, that reveal the beauties of the Mediterranean.




By air:The international airport “Diagoras” is located in Ialyssos and is only 20 minutes from city of Rhodes. The airport is not big, but operates domestic flights to Athens International Airport every day. During the summer season -April to early November- the airport hosts charter flights from across Europe. The airport provides short and long term parking areas and it is connected with the city center of the Rhodes island by public transport and taxis. Tour operators and many hotels, provide shuttle buses for their visitors to get to or from the airport.

You can also explore the island on your own vehicle or motorcycle or you can rent one at the car hire desks in the airport.   

By sea:The port of Rhodes offers good possibility of departure and arrival of ships without delays, sufficient space to tie up large cruise ships, direct access for tourist buses and vehicles. The new terminal that welcomes cruise passengers, is an area of 580 m2, and fully equipped in order to be able to accommodate the modern cruise ships and their passengers. The port is equipped with safety system that meets the requirements of the ISPS Code- Level 1. In addition, greater emphasis is placed on safety and for this reason, it is constantly updated according to the national, European and international law standards. The proximity of the port to the city, enables the visitor to be able for an easy approach to the city center.



Rhodes can be characterized as a gastronomic paradise. Besides the classical Greek cuisine, the local cuisine is characterized by the blending of Eastern and European cuisine, so you can either taste unique local specialties or choose to try international cuisine at one of the many restaurants on the island. Five (5) star restaurants, taverns, fast food restaurants, pizzerias and shops offer sandwiches, crepes, souvlaki etc. Everything is available from morning until late hours. There are also few restaurants that operate 24 hours a day.


Attractions and places to visit


Palace of the Grand Master & the Medieval Town:Rarely, somebody has a chance to cross 2400 years of History, clustered in a small area of 58.37 hectares surrounded among the walls of the medieval town. A wonderful place where even today the 2500 residents of the old town, share wonderful emotions of multinational influences. Such a place is the Medieval City of Rhodes, an integral part of modern city which in 1988 was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In the Old Town of Rhodes stands the Palace of the Grand Master (14th c.), the "Castello", one of the first premises built by the knights, the Street of the Knights, which has faithfully been restored as they existed in the medieval times. Along the street, were the houses of those knights that made up the Order of the Knights Hospitallers.


Suleymaniye Mosque: At the top of the Socrates street, is the Suleymaniye Mosque, which was built by Sultan Suleiman, immediately after the conquest of Rhodes. At the point where the Socrates street meets with Orpheus Street  is the clock tower, built by Fechtig Pasha in 1857 and now serves as a bar. From the top of the tower, visitors can enjoy the magnificent view of the Old Town.

Near the town of Rhodes, is the green Valley of the Butterflies, a magnificent area that is filled with streams of running water, trees, shadowy plane trees small waterfalls and countless butterflies covering the tree trunks, offering an unforgettable sight.

The Archaeological and Byzantine Museum: (Housed in the building of the Hospital of the Knights and the Lady of Victory) hosted important findings and relics that testify to the rich history of the island.

Outside the city walls extended in new town, dominated by impressive buildings were built during the Italian occupation, such as the Post Office, the Prefecture (refer to the Doge's Palace in Venice), the City Hall, the National Theatre and the Church Annunciation.

Mandraki: The Mandraki is the small harbor with deer statues. Beside Mandraki is located the marina with the Mills and the Lighthouse of Saint Nikolaos.

Aquarium: In the southern part of the city is the Aquarium, the configuration of which is reminiscent a water underground cave, which hosts the marine life of the Aegean Sea.

Rodini: On the other side of town is Rodini, a magnificent park with peacocks, streams and paths among pines and cypress trees. Rodini is reputed to host the Rhetoric School of Rhodes, where they attended personalities like Julius Caesar and Cicero.

Koskinou: it is a preserved traditional village with colorful Rhodian houses decorated with ceramic plates and handloom products.

Kallithea: The famous baths of Kallithea, with its spectacular Rotonda, a domed building of hot springs. The springs have been known since ancient times for its healing properties of "red water".

Magnificent beaches: What makes the magnificent beaches of Rhodes is the unique variety that meets the taste of even the most demanding visitor.

There are pebble beaches stretching over many kilometers, small bays and coves, and also beaches with golden sand. This variety in conjunction with the purity and clarity of the water, have made the beaches of Rhodes famous worldwide and extremely popular.

It is characteristic, that more than 35 beaches of Rhodes are annually awarded by the "Blue Flags of Europe", for their safety and organization. Some of these wonderful beaches are, Faliraki, Kallithea, Prasonisi, Kolymbia, Tsambika and small coves like Ladiko (where in 1961 the film "The Guns of Navarone" was shot) and Anthony Quinn Bay.


“No matter what your is your taste and desire, for either cosmopolitan atmosphere or fun for the whole family with many activities and watersports, or rest and return to nature, it is certain that in Rhodes you will find the perfect beach for you and will love it!”



Ialyssos: Today is one of the most popular and cosmopolitan resorts of the island with modern hotels and nightlife. The ancient Ialyssos was home of one of the known Ancient Olympic champions, Diagoras, and one of three powerful cities of ancient Rhodes along with Lindos and Kamiros.

In the area of the leafy hill of Philerimos, are saved the ruins of Ancient Ialyssos - and among them the remains of the ancient Greek temple of the goddess Athena.

During the Byzantine era, the hill was used as a fortress. In the 13th century a monastery was built here, dedicated to the Virgin Mary. During the Knights era, the monastery was passed into the hands of Catholic monks who expanded facilities and gave great shine and prestige in the area.

Lindos: -The “jewel” of the island- The unique village of Lindos, is a beautiful traditional village that has been declared as preservable. The traditional village with its pure white houses, the manor houses of the ship masters, the Byzantine churches and cobbled streets is spread at the foothills of the local Acropolis rock.

Following the path through the village or hiring a donkey from the main square, you can climb to the ancient acropolis. The acropolis of Lindos rises majestically, and is surrounded by powerful city walls and built on a steep cliff 116 meters high, as a true balcony overlooking the sea.



Rhodes provides something for everyone, regardless of age and preferences - from music cafes, trendy shops and evening dance clubs to cinemas, bars, discos, restaurants, elegant meeting rooms and casinos.

Rhodes is famous for its nightlife, with recreation opportunities even for the most demanding tastes. No holiday experience, can not be considered as complete without at least one visit to  a glamorous bar or beach clubs on the island. The sounds of famous DJs and live rock bands give the rhythm for endless hours of fun.

In all tourist resorts of the island there are bars and clubs with all kinds of hearings, perfect for a drink accompanied by relaxing sounds or enjoying a drink and nonstop dancing until dawn.



In Rhodes and throughout Greece, the euro is the standard currency. This converter allows you to determine the value of other currencies compared with the euro.

Of course, there are so many places where you can exchange your currency for euro such as Banks, Currency exchange offices etc.



Rhodes is a popular holiday destination and generally a quite safe place for visitors. Use common caution and be careful when walking around after dark and you won't face any problems while staying on Rhodes.


Staying Connected

Power sockets in Greece deliver 220-240 volts at 60 hertz, and you may need a converter to use your electrical and electronical devices here.

If you have a laptop or a tablet with you, wireless Internet is available throughout Rhodes, including in many hotels, coffee shops, parks, etc. At some locations, you have to pay for WiFi.


Local Laws

The drinking age in Rhodes —and throughout Greece—is 18, and smoking is banned in public places throughout the Town, including bars, restaurants, Public Transport and taxis. Cigar smoking is permitted at cigar bars that register with the Town. In Rhodes, those who are 18 or older can purchase tobacco and cigarettes.

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