Hydra…the unpretentious simplicity

Hydra Island is attracting the artistic and the fashionable since the middle of 20th century, and many others ever since. It is one of the few islands worldwide declared an Architectural Heritage Reserve.
The town, also called Hydra, is a worldwide popular travel destination, packed out during summer and at weekends most of the year. The harbor, girded by a slender breakwater, forms a perfect crescent, its two ends flanked by 19th-century cannons.
The Overhead, amazing white-plastered houses climbing the 115 hydra05 cea954_beloi aslope are accented by massive grey arhondiká, mansions built by shipping families who made fortunes in the 18th and 19th centuries.Just an hour walk upwards and inland leads to Agía Evpraxía Convent and the Profítis Ilías Monastery while Zoúrvas Monastery stands at the extreme eastern tip of Hydra.

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