Heraklion of Crete invites you to discover the beauties!

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heraklion, crete, harbor

Five places to visit if find yourself at Heraklion and is sure to charm you!


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Knossos: In 1900 Evans started excavations which was to bring to light the palace of King Minos, a large part of the ancient city and its cemeteries.


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Domaine Boutari: In Skalani is located one of the wineries of the company. It is considered the most modern winery in Crete, with a stunning tasting room.


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Crete Aquarium: The largest aquarium in the country and one of the most modern in the Mediterranean: 1.6 million liters of water, divided into 32 tanks where are swimming 200 species of fish, including three sharks!


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Agia Pelagia: One of the most beautiful peninsulas of Crete, which has the best beach in the area.


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Forest Rouvas: Climb on Psiloritis slopes to enjoy a breakfast at the famous oak forest. Considered one of the most fragile ecosystems of Crete, as the oaks can reach 15 meters high.

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