Nightlife in Greece

Greek Nights are Worldwide famous for their vivid and multidimensional nightlife. Many people say that even during the economic crisis the nightlife of Greece rivals that of New York, London and Paris and maybe surpasses those cities.



Imagine what it would be like without the crisis. Greek nights last longer and enthusiasm is undiminished, offering unforgettable moments. One thing is for certain. You won't find more restaurants, bars, discos and clubs in a smaller area than you will in Athens with the majority of the nightlife being downtown. A night out usually starts with a dinner at the many Greek taverns and restaurants and continues either with a soft drink in a lounge bar either in beautiful night clubs with a crazy parties in a club till the sunrise.

Bar and night clubs in Greece stay open until late at night. Each bar plays a different kind of music, from Greek and international pop, to alternative rock, jazz, and Latin. Such bars are found all over Greece, from Mainland up to the Greek islands, even in the most secluded places. Actually, many cafeterias in Greece open in the morning and turn into bars in the evening. In many islands of Greece, the nightlife is concentrated in such bars. Clubs as nightlife in Greece is part of the daily life of many people, nightclubs can be found in many destinations in Greece. They open from around midnight and stay open till early in the morning. Many of these Greek islands clubs, particularly in Mykonos Island, Paros Island, Ios, Crete, Rhodes, Kos and other popular destinations, famous DJs from the entire world are invited to play their music. The alcohol is abundant in clubs and the thirst for fun and party wins over everyone.


Downtown Nightlife

From ancient tragedies in Greece in quarried amphitheaters to the chicest dance clubs, Athens rocks at night. Several of the former industrial districts are enjoying a renaissance and large spaces have filled up with galleries, restaurants and theaters, providing one-stop shopping for an evening's entertainment. You want bars and clubs that will be open till the morning even on weeknights. Even if you ask for a dinner, after midnight. You want to dance all night to the rhythm of both local and international music, You want to spend the night outdoors with your friend, maybe by a worldwide famous monument, as the cold never lasts long. All those, and not only that, are just a few of your choices while having the thrilling experience of discovering Athens by Night.


Gázi, It is the hotspot of Athens and not unjustly so, taverns, restaurants of international cuisine, delicious ‘souvlaki’ restaurants, pop, rock, mainstream, swing and retro, gay and lesbian bars and clubs, galleries, fringe theatres. And all that very close from the city center and accessible by the metro.


Thissío, is popular with Greeks and tourists alike who want to have a coffee or a drink marvelling at the Acropolis which catches their eye and dominates the scenery. It is undoubtedly the favorite walk trail of the Athenians.


Plaka, right at the foot of the Acropolis hill in Athens, it is the traditional part of the city where time seems to have stopped at the 19th century. Folk music and dancing in Greek restaurants as well as taverns and cozy cafes are the best choice here.


Monastiráki, right next to Thisío and still at the foot of the Acropolis, this wide area recalls the Orient. Low buildings, narrow cobbled streets, a flea market, almost no access to the cars. Alternative bars and amazing restaurants lie side by side with old fashioned cafes, Greek taverns and shops of all kinds. Live Greek music in Greek restaurants is a must too.


Kolonaki, in the night, spirits are high also in the business area of the downtown where the famous boutiques keep the branches. Trendy clubs and gourmet restaurants for all tastes see the Athenians return to the area where they work but this time to dance the night away. The area is brimful of art galleries too.


Syntagma, in the centre of Athens, as well as the streets that lead to Monastiraki you’ll find numerable new hangouts that complete Athens’ nightlife. Many more cobbled narrow roads gather crowds that let themselves to the music’s rhythms and hip cocktails. Karytsi str is considered highlight areas by the Athenians.


Karytsi Square, Theatres and traditional cafes once stood alone here. Athenians started discovering every corner of their city. The quiet and picturesque square in the centre of Athens, quickly became a favorite hangout in Athens, all day long cafes, bars that will satisfy all music preferences packed with people, night or day, coming off the office or just wandering around after shopping. There is a place that will do for you, either you want to dance to loud music all night long or have a quiet talk with a friend.




Thessaloniki is synonymous with endless entertainment. Wander around the city’s central streets, totally infused with a cosmopolitan flair. Dance the night away in one of the city’s elegant bars and clubs, take in the pure magic atmosphere of a city completely steeped in history, mingle with the locals in traditional folk music halls, and participate in student parties. Adopt the city’s lifestyle and the word ‘Entertainment’ will acquire a totally different meaning!


Aristotelous square, explore the city’s buzzing nightlife starting from the city’s landmark, one of the biggest and most impressive squares in Greece boasting monumental edifices as well as a great variety of cafes and bars where people of all ages are meeting and mixing.


Nikis Avenue, maybe the most famous hot spot of Thessaloniki nightlife, Nýkis Avenue boasts elegant bars spilling out onto the waterfront offering a unique view to Thermaikós Gulf.

City’s center, all around the city center you will find hive cafes and bars offering a more relaxed or festive atmosphere charged with excitement according to the time of the day… or night.

Syggrou, the city’s new hotspot is certainly Syggroú area. Young people flock with excitement to those bars at night and soak up their alternative atmosphere!

Ladadika, the city’s old market. It experienced a period of ‘decline’ in the past but now it has made the most dynamic comeback. Pedestrian Street in Ladadika area, lined with popular entertainment venues, encapsulates the area’s unique atmosphere.



The carnival is second to no other occasion for all day fun in the streets of Patra. Still, loads of bars, clubs and music halls make the nightlife of this frisky city one to remember.


Agiou Nikolaou Str, beautiful with the neoclassical buildings along both of its sides, this street is one of the busiest hang-outs of the city. In a cosmopolitan atmosphere and a soundtrack of music beat blended together with the joyful voices of the youngsters.

Radinou Str, it’s just a small cobbled street, so small that you could pass by without noticing it. Upon entering it, you’ll come across fun loving people turning this tiny little place into one of the hottest spots of the city.

Rio, during the summer, the nightlife goes on the crest of the wave. Two of its favorite spots are Rio and Vrahnéika. Proud for its huge bridge and at just 9km for the city, Rio is an attractive place for a night by a famous landmark.


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