“Greek gastronomy has already won a place at the top of contemporary world gastronomies”.

Greek diet is famous worldwide; it isn’t only tasty but also very healthy, recommended by most expert top dietitians.

Greek cuisine consists of a great variety of dishes that can fully meet the gastronomic requirements of vegetarians and meat & fish lovers alike.



Nowadays Greek cuisine, combining tradition with modern concepts, follows four basic rules: good quality and fresh ingredients, correct use of natural flavorings (herbs) and spices, use of the famous Greek olive oil, and simplicity.

Tasting Greece offers a rare experience with distinguishing recipes, representative products, and original preparation techniques.


Travelers to Greece come eager to taste good and healthy food prepared with the best-quality virgin olive oil, try the delicious olives abundantly found in the Greek landscape, savor the particular cheeses of the Greek countryside, and enjoy the wholesome meat and poultry as well as the freshest fish and seafood. Vegetables and fruits are a chapter on their own. They come in a great variety of fresh full flavored and fragrant produce that make up a significant part of the Greek diet.


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