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Greece! The magical country with the most glorious history in the world. A country worshipped by gods and people.  The glorious Greece has always been a birthplace for civilization. Democracy was born in Greece and most of the wise men of ancient times.



Greece is famous for its nightlife and its vivid lifestyle. Greeks unlike most west Europeans, are late birds. They will never be firstly to a restaurant or tavern. Nightclubs and live music halls follow. Many night clubs in Greece open after midnight. In Friday and Saturday night whole areas like Kolonaki live a true traffic jam between 3- 5 in the morning. But not only in there. Almost in every Athenian suburb main square Friday and Saturday night the music bars and cafeterias are buzzing with young people until the early morning hours. No matter the weather conditions, you will see many of them outside the bars sitting on the bar outdoors stools. Greece is buzzing of nightlife mostly in the winter because in the summer the buzzing and the Parties of most of the Athenians will travel to the Greek Party islands like Mykonos and Santorini. Our strong suggestion is to visit Athens once more in the winter so you can enjoy the city more close with its inhabitants. All visitors may have an excellent stay and experience in Greece and a lot of pleasant activities. Apart from getting to know the culture, the idyllic countryside, the Greek gastronomy, visitors should meet the tingling Greek life style.


Entertainment in Greece

Greece is one of the most entertaining metropolis of Europe. In Greece the people love to to discuss politics between a game of backgammon and a cup of Cappuccino or Frappe coffee the Greek style of drinking inkstand, this is one of the many reasons why in Greece you will find any kind of entertainment you like. During the day, cafeterias and other international chain places of this kind are packed with young people. The most famous places are around the Athens University and Kolonaki in the pedestrian streets near Voukourestiou, Solonos and Panepistimiou street around Parliament square, Exarcheia and of course in Plaka and Monastiraki.

The “cafes” are the main meeting place all over Greece. But is not all about coffee. Greece has a lot to offer for entertainment. Numerous Theatres and Cinemas are spread in most areas of Greece. Before the invasion of the television in Greece the movies and theatres as well as the shadow theatre of Karagiozis for the family with children was the main night outing for the Greeks. During this time there were over 220 cinemas only in Athens and Piraeus. Not to mention the Theatres in Panepistimiou str and Omonia street where was located the famous theatre of Kotopouli. But a few years ago the fashion of the movies came back and many new cinema complexes like the Village Cinemas growing like mushrooms in many areas of Greece especially in huge shopping malls.


Wine Tourism

Greece offers many entertainment and leisure pursuits for visitors of all ages. There are many wonderful Greek restaurants and bars in the tourist resorts as well as in the major cities. Wine tourism is a popular pursuit in Greece, which was home to the God of wine, Dionysus. There are many areas across the country, which produce some excellent wines. Amazing scenery from mountain ranges to secluded bays makes it an obvious choice for nature lovers and its lively Greek nightlife makes it a magnet for young party goers alike.


Shopping in Greece

Shopping in Greece is an enjoyable and a memorable experience. Greece is a shopper's paradise and the range of items includes clothing, jewelry and also traditional Greek products like pottery, wines, religious and icons.

Shoppers are amazed by the reasonable price and the good product quality.

Athens has an excellent selection of shops. The Ermou Str located in the heart of Athens is a wonderful place to shop for clothes and not only. The variety ranges from internationally renowned brands, stand alone exclusive boutiques and also clothing which are locally tailored. Kolonaki, is located right at the foot of Lycabettus Hill is a one of the main shopping destinations in Greece.

This shopping area in Greece is dotted with large number of cafes, where the impulsive shoppers can enjoy refreshment. For souvenirs or gifts, Monastiraki is a shopping paradise of Greece. Products like marble statues, jewelry, key rings, posters and a huge number of other fascinating items can be bought here. Different leather goods like the leather sandals, leather bags and jackets are abundant in the Plaka area in Greece. Antiques are available in plenty. Famous antique shops sell copied versions of ancient statues in terracotta and other materials.                                   


Nightlife in Greece


Greek Nightlife is fast, vibrant, colorful and fast paced. Greeks are born to party; they have ample fascination for music and drinks. Numerous Greek bars, cafes, nightclubs and casinos are an integral part of the nightlife in Greece. The nightlife in Greece starts from 11 pm in the night and stretches till the dawn. Nightlife in Greece with all its colors, fun and frolic is sure to entice everyone and leave them wanting more.


Cultural Entertainment

Greek Cultural tourism infrastructure also includes the existing concert halls, theatrical scenes, art halls and the ancient theatres. The non tangible cultural heritage constitutes an important part of cultural resources. The open-air cinemas are yet another attraction offered in this country. One of the delights of evenings in Greece is to sit in a garden of trees and flowers, under a starry sky and enjoy an outdoor movie. Films are not dubbed in Greek. They are shown with Greek subtitles. Athens is a city of different aspects. A walk around the famous historic triangle (Plaka, Thission and Psyrri) the old Greek neighborhoods, reveal the coexistence of different eras. Old mansions well preserved ones and other worn down by time. Luxurious department stores and small intimate shops, fancy restaurants and traditional taverns.


Festivals in Greece

During the summer in Greece, travelers can attend the splendor of the Hellenic, Athens or the Epidaurus Festivals. In Greece, these festivals are considered to be the leading art events in Europe. Athens and Thessaloniki boast spectacular concert halls and theatres with a diverse schedule of performances including productions of the National Opera of Greece. The International film Festival held annually in November in Thessaloniki has received international acclaim and is one of the leading regional festivals dedicated to film. In the period before Lent, carnivals dominate the scene with the most famous being held in Patras region. The Greek carnivals are rooted in ancient history, when the Greeks paid homage to the God Dionysus.


Sport tourism in Greece

Greece, the birthplace of the Olympic Games, sport plays a major role and over the last years an increasing number of international athletic and sporting events were held in Greece. Therefore, Greece has many excellent sporting facilities and stadium catering for the country’s most popular sports. Football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, golf, sailing and windsurfing. Skiing has also increased in popularity and Greece now has 19 ski resorts, all located on the mainland. The Greek dry thermal winds lend itself well to the sports of hang gliding and paragliding and there are many Greek clubs which provide equipment and training for visitors. Windsurfing is extremely popular in Paros at Cyclades and Prasonisi at Rhodes, being the best places for the sport. The PBA world association of professional windsurfers holds the annual windsurfing marathon race known as the ‘Odyssey’.



Cruise Entertainment

The abundance of islands and warm climate makes Greece the perfect cruise destination. Such cruises allow you to relax and to combine visits to cultural, natural and historical sites. Many Travel agencies offer cruises along the coastline and also out to the islands. Hiking in the mountains of Greece along many of the preserved pathways of the national parkland, provides spectacular panoramas and an abundance of wildlife.


Clubs in Greece

Greece is different of the other European capitals. Summer, is the best opportunity to enjoy the full range of nightlife. This is because many establishments follow the tourists on to the islands during the hotter months. Club life in Greece is growing steadily with more and more internationally renowned DJs playing in the city’s clubs.


Except the Greek clubbing there is a vibrant live music scene in Athens. Whether it is jazz, rock, or local bands which you plan on seeing, all are always playing somewhere in the city. A lot of the Greek nightlife spills out on the streets and there is always a good atmosphere in the city. This comes from the various bars which are scattered all over. As the bars don’t close until approximately early morning, you don’t feel like you’re missing out on too much if you don’t go to a club.



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