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    Greece's major cities boast a cosmopolitan range of entertainment, cultural and ... 
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    One thing is for certain. You won't find more restaurants, clubs, cafes, bars ...
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    Based on the ancient Greeks, music was divine as it assisted in healing both body and soul.
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    ... is said to lower cholesterol and promote a long life. While this is correct - a diet high in ...
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Apart from its natural beauty Greece has a huge cultural wealth that begins from Αntiquity, passed through Byzantium and the Middle Ages and reaches our days. Greece is located at the crossroads where East meets West and that meeting of people, creates the raw material of mixing the trends for the production of culture.

“Laiki” music (folk music) is considered to be an evolution of "rebetika" modeled in urban centers, in the beginning of the 20th century, and has become the popular song sound even today.






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  • “Greek Cuisine”. The elixir of life !!

    Greek cuisine The Greek cuisine, with its wide variety of high quality ingredients and its highly beneficial combinations which encapsulate the knowledge of centuries, enjoys a privileged position in the global culture of taste alternatives. Greece and Greek Cuisine is characterized by its numerous islands and the rugged terrain of the mainland. This morphological diversity […]

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  • Wine Tourism in Greece !!!!

    Greece offers many entertainment and leisure pursuits for visitors of all ages. There are many wonderful Greek restaurants and bars in the tourist resorts as well as in the major cities. Wine tourism is a popular pursuit in Greece, which was home to the God of wine, Dionysus. There are many areas across the country, […]

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  • Live music scenes in Athens

    Live music scenes in Athens guarantees highly energetic entertainment. Athens, offers a wide selection of  nightlife, satisfying all preferences and tastes. Clubs and bars with Jazz, Rock, Mainstream,  and other kind of music, are here to give you the beat of the night.  Musicians & groups from abroad often visit Athens to perform live shows, but the local […]

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  • Olive oil – a timeless cosmetic

    Since the time of Hippocrates, olive oil was famous for its many healing characteristics, particularly in skin diseases. In ancient times, moreover, that were not use soap for personal hygiene, people rubbed their hair and body with olive oil to clean, fragrance and make them softer. They had also  anointed some of their clothes to […]

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  • Five of the Best Cafe/Bars in Athens

    Athens has very good cafes. Greeks like nothing more than gathering together over a good espresso and putting the world to rights. Which means than not only are there a lot of cafes, but that cafes need to be more than just place to grab a drink and a snack in order to attract the […]

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